Amsterdam based design studio founded by Kevin Shek. An Engineer and Designer who specializes in asking questions (?)

After gained experience as an in-house designer at industrial design and interior architecture firms, there was one thing in common that I discovered: design for people is complicated.”

People are always seeking for recognition and existing in the coarse of the reality of society. Some are superstitious or very unpredictable. Others are curious and looking for new opportunities. Understanding the context, such as daily habits, cultural values, and living environments, is just as important as the final design solution. As a designer, I translate these abstract complexities into design solutions that work for many people as possible. Design that is adaptable, personalizable, and identical for the user. Starting with asking the right questions to each kind of design challenge.
As an engineer, I push the boundaries of long-lasting design with impact-resistant materials or constructions, locally manufactured with the newest additive manufacturing technologies. With brand and engineering strategy, my colleagues and I create an outstanding design solutions within the feasible terms.

Exhibition and Public Speaking

2019 // Dutch Design Week – Veemgebouw | Floor 3, Strijp-S Eindhoven

2019 // De Waag Society Amsterdam – Sustainability in the Textile Industry

2019 // Royal Academy of Art Open Day, Den Haag

Prices and nominations

2018 // TNW T500, top Young Talents

2016 // Betafactory Delft, first prize w/ team

"I worked with two other industrial designers before I found Kevin. Neither took the time to have a strong enough understanding of my vision to create the product I wanted. He took the time to not only understand our vision for the product, but our larger vision for the company"
"I searched for a long time before I found a designer with Kevin's unique skill set and willingness to push convention in the search for design that is not just physically functional, but which evokes a sense of wonder"