Multidisciplinair and conscious Industrial Designer and Brand Strategist based in Amsterdam. Working on freelance basis or as a team of designers and engineers.

What we do


Brand Direction

We create or specify brand directions, based on business goals, company’s vision and target group values. Therefore, the final design solution will represent these values of the company.


Industrial Design

We are a team of highly skilled designers, engineers, and creators, specialized in designing physical brand solutions. We work closely with clients and we are transparent about the design process.


Product Development

We develop new innovative concepts into mass production products. We always think three steps ahead by using Strategic Engineering. With our tools, we help to realise new products for the global market.

Who we are

Founder and creator

We live in a fast-paced world, where everyday products help us to make our daily life easier and better. We often forget what the value of objects is, so we replace them and buy a new one. Kevin’s take on product design is to add value to these mass production products, which helps to create a long-lasting, durable experience to the user. His holistic view on branding, design, and engineering helps to realize his vision. It enables him to use the power of design to solve our daily life or societal problems.
In 2017, Kevin graduated as an Engineer in Amsterdam and he has continued his Master study in Industrial Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He was educated by creative professionals of practice, such as Buro BELÉN, Standard Studio and Eddo Hartmann Photography. Before starting his own design studio, he worked as an in-house designer at (corporate) industrial design and interior design studios.
Born and raised in the Netherlands, he has passion for understanding new cultures and combines the western culture with his Asian heritage.

Synergy of creatives

Studio SHEK connects artistic research with strategic thinking to create innovative concepts. Depending on the scale of the project, Kevin works together with other designers or engineers to make each project a successful one. His network includes architects, graphic designers and electrical engineers.
Studio SHEK works with international and local clients from the United States, Europe and Asia. The Studio provides a flexible and clear design process which suits to each different kind of culture and project.

"I worked with two other industrial designers before I found Kevin. Neither took the time to have a strong enough understanding of my vision to create the product I wanted. He took the time to not only understand our vision for the product, but our larger vision for the company"
"I searched for a long time before I found a designer with Kevin's unique skill set and willingness to push convention in the search for design that is not just physically functional, but which evokes a sense of wonder"

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