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Kevin Shek

Kevin Shek studied Industrial Design Engineering in Amsterdam, with a passion for brand development by product design and solving problems from the user perspective. His strength is seeing the big picture of a physical product: why a certain product exists, what user context is relevant for the design and the technical feasibility for mass production. Therefore, his strategy is to combine branding with design and engineering to create new concepts for a more long-lasting experience.
After working at Design Agencies, he decided to work as a freelance Industrial Designer to follow his dream to start his studio. In 2018 he also has been elected in the top 500 Dutch Young Talents in the Digital Scene (TNW).
Born and raised in the Netherlands, Kevin connects both Western and Asian culture to learn new cultural insights, art and ethical discussions about technology. His holistic approach can be found back in his way of working.

Design Studio Amsterdam

With an experience of designing home devices for multinational companies in Asia and an internship at a renowned Interior Architecture firm in Amsterdam, studio Kevin Shek offers a total spectrum of developing products. From brand value development, product design concepts, and product engineering.
Since 2016, Studio Kevin Shek solved many design problems for companies based in the Netherlands, the United States, and Canada. We help companies to build a strong, timeless brand experience by product design, realized by the studio’s holistic design approach.
We are conscious of the environmental impact of waste in the oceans and landfills. Therefore we strive for design solutions that last long in use and making recycling accessible. Sustainable solutions start from the beginning of the supply chain and not afterwards (open for discussion).

“Product Design based on user experiences, brand value and technical feasibility”


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