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Strategic Industrial Designer Kevin Shek specializes in Industrial Design Engineering and Branding. His strength is to combine design, engineering and branding together to create a holistic approach of designing products from the user perspective. He mainly focus on mass production products and sustainable design.

He started his career by designing home devices and electronics for the multinational companies at CQ International. He also worked at Standard Studio Interior Architects, where he designed and engineered the Standard Lighting combined with a Design Research program, which is also featured in the design catalogue from Minimalissimo. Today, Kevin works as a freelancer to help companies with their businesses by creating and developing new product concepts. He works together with (inter)national companies and start-ups, such as from Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and New York. In 2018 he also has been elected in the top 500 Dutch Young Talents in the Digital Scene (TNW).

Kevin’s main source of inspiration are coming from biomimicry (design by nature), social psychology and technical innovations, such as 3D printing and biobased plastics. Human interaction have always been a great inspiration to understand how we live and how design shapes the world, which it can be found in his work.


Kevin graduated from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in the field of Industrial Design Engineering (Bsc). Besides freelancing, he’s studying his Industrial Design Masters degree at the Royal Academy of Art, located in the Hague.

“Aesthetics and functionality follows user experiences”


We live in a throw-away society where products aren’t designed to last longer than two years. Many plastic waste streams are produced  from mass production industry and how we undervalue products nowadays. Kevin believes that creators, designers and entrepeneurs can make a difference to make the industry more durable and sustainable. How? By working together, and looking for product innovation at the beginning of the design process. His goal is to create a range of consumer products that last long in brand experience, daily use and making recycling more accessible.


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