Project: “Waste Into Luxurious Goods”
Disciplines: Concept Design and Industrial Design
Client: Personal Project w/ Royal Academy of Art
Year: 2019


Research, Concept and Prototype: Kevin Shek

Photography: Trashure Studio

Model: Sacha Verbeek


A million tonnes of textile waste are generated from factories and retailers each year. One of the leading causes is a flood of inventory waste and leftovers during manufacturing. The ENDUR brand believes that every material has it’s value to re-use, regardless of inventory waste or discarded products. Especially the synthetic leather industry manufactures thousands of furniture products, where waste is generated during the cutting and stamping of long sheets of Faux leather.

We believe that sustainable products should not promote as “sustainable design,” but as a (normal) high-end product with sustainability already integrated, which creates a higher value for the user.



The Challenge

Using only discarded synthetic materials (pre-consumer waste) to design a luxurious handbag. Also understanding the mechanical processes of textiles to make the handbag design suitable for mass production.

The final design is made from two long sheets, stitched together without any glue. The sides are made from old second-hand bags, added with new textures (to hide scratches). The personalization factor comes the long-term use of materials and from the previous owner of the materials

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