Project: IKEA Brand book
Disciplines: Product Branding, and Materialization
Client: University Project in collaboration with IKEA Netherlands
Year: 2017


Vision and branding: Kevin Shek

IKEA Branding

This Brand book was made as part of an official project from IKEA. The goal was to inspire IKEA with new design directions and possibilities of biobased materials. I searched for new trends and keywords that describe the look & feel of these new directions. Inspiration images were chosen in order to strengthen the keywords, such as colors, textures, and materials. During the process, I described a scenario (brand story) in which shows the moments where IKEA can improve the lifestyle of the user.


The Brandstory

“Stand good chance to get promoted,” Michelle texted to her best friend. First hit the gym, but before that I´ll give Sjors a quick call and also need to do some grocery shopping. She grabs her jacket and her briefcase and while texting she is walking to her bicycle.
The bag of groceries is dangling from her bike steer. Michelle is looking around while cycling through the city. She takes a detour to explore new routes. Michelle is always on the lookout for new restaurants and cafes to try out.
“Home at last!” says Michelle as she drops her bags and keys on the table, kicks off her shoes and plops down on the couch. She puts her phone away and sets her smartwatch on standby. From her neatly organized closet she picks up a book about healthy food. She is looking forward to treat herself to a hearty home cooked meal. While glancing at her vacation photos on the Robin egg blue wall, she is quietly enjoying her dish.
From the corner of her eye she sees the flash notification on her smartphone, but she ignores it, she wants to fully enjoy the moment and calmness after such a long day.

The core values

Cocooning – Seclusion and rest

Autonomous – Independent, control and personalization

Authentic – Honest, genuine and recognizable

Enjoy – Consciously enjoy the moments of rest and appreciation



Form – Organic

Color – Positive, light colors for subtle application and details

Materials – Cork, bioplastic with denim, paper and pressed bamboo

Dessin – Natural irregular textures

Copyright ⓒ 2018 Kevin Shek. All right reserved.