Project: MAXIMUM™ Electric Shaver
Disciplines: Industrial Design and Product Development
Client: University Project
Year: 2018


Industrial Design and Development: Kevin Shek

The Brand

MAXIMUM™ believes that consumer products are truly fundamental to day-to-day life without any unnecessary complexity. They offer an exclusive range of timeless electronics that’s last longer in use by minimalistic, impact-resistant design approach.
Their goal is to prevent material waste in the oceans by striving for more recycle-proof products and creating the opportunity to re-use parts from old into the new.


The Assignment

This project is an updated version of an engineering course during University. This re-design assignment is intended to showcase the Product Development stage, including product visualization and packaging. The overall design is optimized to the essential number of parts, reduced cost and recycling accessibility. In addition, montage and assembly calculations are made to optimize the assembly process and fabrication cost.


The Challenge

The 2009 electric razor contains many production and assembly parts. The challenge is to solve these engineering problems within the vision of MAXIMUM: transform complexity into simplicity.
The old shave contains 41 assembly parts, and 17 of them are Injection Molded. The problem lays in both environmental, high cost, and production efficiencies, such as high injection molding investments and inefficient assembly process due to the high amount of small parts.

Enduring usability

Enduring usability can be achieved to focus on the essential aspects of the shaver. The trim and shave functions are integrated for better shave experience (use both at the same time, without changing shave heads). The user does not need the replace the shave heads once at a while. The shave heads are impact-proof designed.

The MAXIMUM shave uses a large 3500 mah li-ion battery with fast charging function. The user doesn’t need to charge quite often during an outdoor event. The LED indicator shows when the product is on or off, and when it needed to be charged (more images soon). Also, the water-resistant IP67 body will protect the inner parts for water damage during extreme weather circumstances.



The overall design is optimized up to 40% design efficiency by its assembly processes, reduced cost, and production parts. The 41 parts from the old shaver are reduced to 18 parts, with just only 6 injection molded parts. This decreases the total fabrication cost and assembly time cost.

Environmental improvements are made by using no chemical glue assembly, and no co-extrusion (2K injection molded parts make it harder to separate for recycling). The MAXIMUM shaver can be easily repaired by unlocking and unscrewing parts.
The outer body will be made from aluminum extrusion or ABS.

Adventurous and passionate


The users are passionate people who are not afraid to travel more than a thousand miles to meet new cultures and nature environments. These adventurous people do have a major in the field of architecture, photography or as a creative programmer. They invest in quality products that fulfill their need to deliver good work, and even in everyday consumer products.
The target group only use products that last long over time, and that’s why the product value lays in the quality of the product, such as impact-resistant materials, multiple functions, and design. Products that are suitable for both in-house and for traveling is a big plus for them.

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