July 2018

The Standard Lighting publishment at Minimalissimo


Minimalissimo has recently published The Standard Lighting on their website and social media platforms. They showcase the finest examples of minimalistic art, architecture, fashion, furniture, and product design.


“Minimalissimo magazine is a celebration of minimalism in design—publishing daily articles to bring you a curated selection of the most captivating work from both established makers as well as emerging talents”.


May 2018

The Next Web T500


Europe’s leading Technology Festival, The Next Web, taking place annually in Amsterdam. They have been sharing, inventing and advancing tech developments since 2006. Each year, they present the 500 most talented under-25s in digital scene, called the T500. Kevin has been elected to the top 500 this year, and he was part a group with designers, innovators, strategist and many more disciplines.
He joined at 50+ talent sessions during the conference at 24 and 25 of May. He learned about how Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Design could be a significant role for the Digital Scene, such as Smart Homes and physical AI products. Network events and speakers such as Bracken P. Darrell (CEO Logitech), David Mattin (Trendwatching about AI) and Ron Farris (Nike) are great inspirators of the event. TNW youtube.

April 2017

Winner Hackathon Design compitition “Technology for Health”


This was the second edition of the hackathon, held at the Betafactory in Delft from 24-25 March 2017. Students of various degree programmes volunteered to work on a range of cases in small groups for an entire day – 24 hours non-stop. At the end of the hackathon, the group that presented the best idea was given the opportunity to further develop their prototype this summer at the European Innovation Academy in Lisbon.

Together with other participants we designed the Hold On, a small device that, both literally and figuratively, offers those who engage in self-injury something to hold on to. We won the hackathon compitition as the best innovative idea for a challenging case: Design a solution for people with self-injury problem and depression.

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