Leather waste. A hidden problem that we witness everyday, but not observed by everyday consumers. Especially synthetic (faux) leather takes part of a large textile waste problem, which are generated from factories and retailers. Million of tonnes of textiles are discarded each year.

One of the main causes of the problem is the inventory and leftovers waste during manufacturing processes. The ENDUR luxury brand believes that every material has it’s value to re-use, regardless of inventory waste or discarded products. Especially the synthetic leather industry where waste is generated from the cutting and stamping processes of long sheets of Faux leather.

We used discarded synthetic materials (pre-consumer waste) to design a luxurious handbag, which is suitable for mass production. The final design is made from two long sheets of discarded faux leather, without use of any chemical construction. The sides are made from old second-hand bags, added with new textures to hide scratches and to personalize each bag. Every bag is unique, which add value to the consumer.

Studio Kevin Shek believes that sustainable products should not be communicated as “sustainable design,” but as a regular luxury product with sustainable aspects already integrated. This creates a new chance for targeting a larger audience, including with concious consumers.

We experimented with the properties of discarded faux leather. The textures on faux leather are actually heat-pressed by roll forming machines. We were inspired by this manufacturing process and created our own texture that gives a personalisation feature and hiding surface scratches. The ENDUR bag is made from 100% of discarded materials. The bag itself is simply constructed with minimal use of stitching garments.

The ENDUR bag is a hybrid form of a suitcase and a minimalistic luxury bag. Impact-resistant desgined and suitable for both men and woman.

The ENDUR bag gives users enough space to put large objects and everyday tools. Suitable for work, school or traveling.


Project Information
Year: 2019
Product state: Conceptual Prototype
Client: Royal Academy of Art
Industrial Design and vision direction: Kevin Shek
Photography: Trashure Studio