Design for recycling

MAXIMUM Electric Shaver

Studio Kevin Shek redesigned and engineered the 2009 Philips electric shaver into a new sustainable approach. The new brand, called Maximum™, believes that consumer products are truly fundamental to day-to-day life without any unnecessary complexity. They offer an range of electronics that’s last longer in use by minimalistic and impact-resistant design approach. The goal is to prevent material waste in the oceans by striving for more recycle-proof products and creating the opportunity to re-use parts from old into the new.

Our challenge is to engineer the electric shaver for recycling and optimize till the essential number of parts. Mass production products aren’t designed for recycling or disassembly, however, this project shows the opposite.

The 2009 Philips electric shaver contains 41 assembly parts, and 17 of them are Injection Molded (manufactured parts). Because of this high amount of parts, the total fabrication cost is high. The company needs to invest 17 molds and looking for large labor companies to assemble all parts together. The problem is the inefficient assembly process due to the high amount of small parts, the high investment cost and the use of multiple materials or energy of machines. There is room to optimize the shaver into a more sustainable design.

We believe that sustainability should be embedded in the design and engineering process, and not be promoted as the main selling point to customers. The brand focus on minimalistic design, with a deeper (technical) meaning behind the product.


Durability for mass production

The trim and shave functions are integrated for having a better shave experience. The user does not need the replace the shave heads once at a while. The shave heads are impact-proof and water-resistant constructed.

The MAXIMUM shave contains a large 3500 mah li-ion battery with fast charging functionality. Suitable for outdoor events.
The LED ring indicator shows when the product is on or off and the battery life. Also, the water-resistant IP67 body will protect the inner parts for water damage during extreme weather circumstances.

The final technical design is optimized up to 40% design efficiency by its assembly processes, reduced cost, and production parts. The 41 parts of the old shaver are reduced to 18 parts, with just 6 injection molded parts. This decreases the total fabrication cost, material -and energy usage.

Environmental improvements are made by using no chemical glue for assembly, and no co-extrusion or 2K injection molding construction. The MAXIMUM shaver can be easily repaired by unlocking and unscrewing parts.

Injection molding

Studio SHEK has designed various injection molded products, including 2K injection molding, extrusion or blow molding. Depending on the product, we use different engineering strategies to find the best manufacturing solution to your product, business goals and brand. 

Project Information:
Year: 2018
Product state: Engineered Prototype
Client: MAXIMUM (conceptual)
Industrial Design: Kevin Shek
Product Development: Kevin Shek