Standard Lighting

Amsterdam-based Interior Architecture firm, Standard Studio, has designed student residential spaces in the center of Rotterdam, located in the Netherlands. The spaces are fully furnished with high-quality design stools, tables, and kitchenware. Students from all over the world who applied for a major at the Erasmus University can directly move into these 15m2 one-household home spaces, which are fully designed to customize and adapt to the personal need of the student.
Standard Studio wanted to expand their brand identity and asked Studio Kevin Shek to design a new lighting product that suits the small living environments. In general, home environments is the most important place and a basic need for every person. A place where you can rest, share with friends and feel comfortable. Especially as an international student in a new country, it can take some time to make it your “home”. 

We believe that the purpose of lighting can improve the experience of micro-living environments, especially at the dining table where the user often has to dine and work at the same area.

We analyzed both psychologically and physically about the daily routine of students by asking the right questions and observe their habits. We discovered several insights about their behavior; students having problems with storing small objects, such as phones, pencils or cards. Also, the dining table serves multiple purposes of dining and working at one place. An organized table and good, adaptable lighting will comfort the user for each kind of situation.

From these insights, we designed a lighting that illuminates the living environment and having control for each kind of situation or environment.


We connected the dots of Standard Studio's business goals with the student daily habit. Starting from an environmental view of point and narrow it down to a product design solution, including with branding. The final design is fully enginereed for mass production and designed to last long in use.



Although originally designed for small work/life spaces, The Standard could very easily be incorporated into larger offices and homes. The Standard lighting is used for ambiance and work purposes by switching between cool or warm LED light, with the brightness able to be adjusted from 2700K to 3500K. The user can also store small items in the lamp, such as smartphones, keys, or writing utensils in order for a cleaner and more organised space. Easy to reach and yet out of sight. And while you are storing and working, you can charge your smartphone with a 3.0 USB fast charge.

The target group told us about their experience: Jean (25) use the lamp for more practical purposes, such as storing pencils, smartphones, and to-do list. Julia (24) finds it useful to expand her living identity to hang pictures or notes on the lamp.

Comprised of impact-resistant folded steel and coated with black powder, it ensures the solidity and stability of the lamp, with the top part available in two kinds of oiled wood—Oak and Nutwood.



The product mainly consists of procurement components to reduce costs. CNC metal punching and form will manufacture the metal parts, finished by powder coating. The wooden platform is milled and varnished. The parts are connected to slide, clamp and wire connections to improve repair possibilities. The lamp contains no chemical glue connections, and it is accessible to repair or recycle top to preserve the enduring usability.

The target groups are young adults living and working in large urban cities, such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam. The target group is looking for more meaningful experiences and products with which to radiate their identity. Small living spaces are easy to change and adapt to each kind of situation. In these environments, people do not adapt to products, but products adapt to people.


Project Information:
Year: 2018
Product state: Engineered Prototype
Client: Standard Studio, Hermes City Plaza
Industrial Design: Kevin Shek
Product Development: Kevin Shek
Photography: Wouter van der Sar


Featured in the press:
Minimalissimo Magazine