We are transparent in our process and communication that characterizes our workflow.

How we do

1 Creative Strategy Framework

During the first meeting with the client, we ask questions regarding the goals, facts and vision from the client. We discuss the possible strategies or brand directions, challenges and the design process.

  • List of objectives
  • Vision or brand exploration

2 Context Research

When the vision and objectives are defined, we start to create multiple Art Directions, which includes target groups, personas, brand values, and design directions. This will transform visions and thoughts into a more tangible way.

  • Moodboards
  • Personas
  • Art Direction

3 Exploration

In this phase, we explore new ideas or possibilities for the final product, based on the chosen Art Direction. We are aware of the latest trends and technological developments to ensure that we generate relevant ideas.

  • Future trend analysis
  • Creativity workshops
  • 2D and physical sketches

4 Concept Design

Based on the feedback sessions with the client, we iterate and evaluate the best ideas and develop them into refined concept designs. The concepts will be presented with the Art Direction and target groups, so the client receives a total overview of the product experience.

  • Concept development
  • Materialisation, color and finish
  • Conceptual CAD
  • Final documentation
  • User test

5 Product Development

During this phase, we transform a concept into a mass production-ready design. We use different engineering strategies to find the best technical solution, based on the client budget, sourcing feasibility and build quality of the product. Together, we guide the client with the product development process.

  • Production technique strategies
  • Engineering w/ final CAD drawings
  • Final materialisation
  • 2D technical documentation
  • Prototyping
  • Cost quotation

Additional Services

  • Photorealistic Visualization
  • Digital Sketching Workshops
  • Packaging Design
  • Branding
  • 3D printing optimalization
  • New Materials Exploration

Selection of clients

  • Hutspot Amsterdam (NL)
  • Obiberes (CA)
  • Cartoni Design (NL)
  • Memento LLC (USA)
  • Incharge (DE)
  • Kaloud Inc. (USA)
  • Asilda Store (USA)
  • Phanteks B.V (NL)
  • ALYSS (NL)