Project: SMEG Dolce Stil Novo Blender Concept
Disciplines: Industrial Design, Concept
Client: SMEG (Conceptual)
Year: 2018


Industrial Design:  Kevin Shek

Personal project

Kevin designed various home devices and electronics for the multinational companies at CQ International, The Hague. He created a wide range of cooking appliances for Asian company’s, which are now at the development stage. His responsibility was to understand the vision and the needs of the company but also look at the current market, target group, and new technological possibilities. The design assignment was to re-design an old blender with new features and appearances, resulting in a 3D CAD file and high quality renders.

To reflect the activities at CQ International, Kevin made this re-design of a SMEG blender for the Dolce Stil Novo product line. This a new design approach integrates advanced technological solutions and simplicity of use of various home appliances.

New Brand Direction

Smeg is targeting on “home professionals,” who are using professional kitchen appliances for their homemade dishes. The target group takes home cooking very seriously when it comes to preparing traditional meals. The new product range respects the process of cooking dishes and offers professional tools to make this faster and easier.

The new Dolce Stil Novo product line entirely deviates from the traditional 80’s appearance. This appearance does not fit into the new design range of Dolce Stil Novo. The idea was to combine the new aesthetic with some elements from the old design, by looking at the essential details of the blender. The moodboard shows a neutral appearance, simplicity in use and presentation.

The Target Group

The target groups are so-called “home professionals” from around the age of 35 till 50. Having breakfast or lunch is the most important moment of a day, seeing back in the French and Italian culture. They are career orientated and having a good work-life balance developed through the years. They take it seriously when it comes to cooking for the family and for themselves. They appreciate high-quality products for everyday life and know what technics they use to prepare a good meal to enjoy.

Art Direction

The woman with the “cocoon” surrounding illustrates her hiding from the hectic social environment by creating a rest zone. When the user is having breakfast or dinner are best experienced without distractions. Stress must remain minimal here, especially while preparing food (time efficiency). Also, the user does not store the blender very often and stands on the counter, where the appearance of the kitchen will be influenced. The new blender design has a presence that fits your interior.


The Dolce Stil Novo does have high-end character by using dark materials and adding elegant details. The primary color of the blender will be black, and other colors like blackish olive, dark purple and Bordeaux red is to expand the product identity. The body will be made from Polyamide plastic with a matte finish and stainless steel. These materials are impact-resistant and suitable to use for the long term.

Cup & Jug

The capacity of the jug is 1.8 liter for large portions and the 800 ml cup for small portions. Both come out of the dishwasher dry, because of the higher heat capacity of the glass. Glass is strong enough to withstand the power of flying ice cubes and hard vegetables, instead of plastic that will damage quickly and after a while, the plastic colors matte.

Setting Options

The speed of the blades can be adjusted with the touchscreen control. For example, speed 1 is suitable to grind ice (10 000 RPM), speed 2 to puree vegetables or fruit (15 000 RPM) and speed 3 is for fine textures, like smoothies and cocktails (23 000 RPM).

The Engine

The powerful 2 horsepower, 1,500 watts engine is the most important part of the long-lasting use. Also, blades can become blunt after regular use, however it’s possible to replace the blades.

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