Project: The Standard Lighting
Disciplines: Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Product Development
Client: Standard Studio
Year: 2018


Industrial Design and Development: Kevin Shek

Micro-living Interior Design: Standard Studio

Photography: Wouter van der Sar


Featured in the press:
Minimalissimo Magazine
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Illumination that improves the experience of small living

Kevin Shek has recently designed and engineered The Standard lamp, in collaboration with Standard Studio interior architects who design many retail, hospitality, and small living spaces, such as Hermes City Plaza in Rotterdam.

The current statistics on the housing market have shown a significant rise of one-person households and micro-living spaces in large cities, for instance, Amsterdam and Rotterdam (CBS, 2017). The five-month assignment was to design the first Standard Studio lighting to expand their brand identity into the consumer market. Kevin’s biggest challenge was to ensure his academic research about lighting and environmental psychology was in congruence with the vision and market strategy of Standard Studio and the needs of the target group.
The entire design process, market strategy and development phase are fully documented. The prototype was made in collaboration with manufacturers in Amsterdam.


The Challenge

Micro-living environments consist of one room that used for many purposes, such as working, living, and sleeping. The undervalued problem is that the current lighting systems are not suitable or adjustable for the multiple purposes of the micro-living. The feeling of no control and wrong lighting causes tiredness while working and stress (high melatonin hormone) when it does not fit the user experience (Shamsul e.a., 2013).

The goal of this project was to redefine the purpose of illumination that is better suited to the daily routine of those who experience micro-living environments, especially at the dining table where the user often has to dine and work in the same area.

User-Centered Design Approach

Kevin worked closely with the target group of young working adults to define problems and to evaluate ideas. His goal is to design a qualitative, useful product that fulfills the needs of the target group. We worked together with manufacturers to improve the technical feasibility and the total quotation during the engineering phase.

Defining the aesthetic guidelines of Standard Studio has been done to understand the brand mission of the company. Test subjects, statics and surveys show that lighting improves the experience of working and living in small spaces through the brightness and color of illumination. Good light for work and living purposes is an excellent value for the target group that affects the mood and productivity to achieving goals (Gifford, 2007).

The Dining Table

The target group research showed that the dining table is used for work and social activities. It has also pointed out the need for constant switching of usage situations. Survey’s and personal communications conclude that 73,7% would like to use lighting for ambiance and working purposes. This shows a need for multifunctional lighting that improves the experience of small living, adaptable per situation.

The Essence of Lighting

The Customer Journey analysis concludes wherein in the daily routine of the user ambiance, and work lighting is used. The report showed that working and dining are the primary goals of the users. Furthermore, messy tables cause small items with no clear storage spot, such as pencils, smartphones, and keys. Alongside wrong lighting, this is also experience as unpleasant.

Young Working Adults

The target groups are young adults living and working in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, because of the urban facilities, employment opportunities, and city culture. They are looking for more meaningful experiences and products with which to radiate their identity. Product well designed in both aesthetic and functional purposes gives them more value for the long term.


“I efficiently organize my home for more overview. In addition, domesticity plays a big role for me to express my identity in order to experience the home feeling”.

Product Specifications

All functions are integrated to maintain the simplicity in use. Physical buttons regulate light color and brightness for ambient and work purposes. There’s also a powerful USB charge while storing your phone. For further development, the design will be included with a height adjuster.


Warm and Cool LED Lighting

The final design contains a switcher between warm and cool led light for atmospheric and working purposes. Light intensity influences the concentration of people (Shamsul e.a., 2013). The lamp can be adjusted from 2700K to 3500K light color, especially from 3500K will improve the concentration.

The electrical parts consist of procurement component, designed and assembled during the concept phase. The 600 mm LED strips provides an even and stable light distribution on the table. The target group found this a pleasant way to light the entire table.


Product Development

The housing corporation owns the products in these living spaces, so it has to be long lasting in use and repair options if needed. The product mainly consists of procurement components to reduce costs. CNC metal punching and form will manufacture the metal parts, finished by powder coating. The wooden platform is milled and varnished. The parts are connected to slide, clamp and wire connections to improve repair possibilities. The final design does not contain any glue connections, and the chosen materials are impact resistant. This will preserve the usability for the long-term

The lamp remains stable to use steel wire with strong connections, while the center of the gravity is at his lowest. The final dimensions are 900 mm x 90 mm x 75 mm.

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